We are asking customers to provide their testimonies and thoughts about the service provided. We also ask that customers voice themselves voluntarily with an unbiased, unprejudiced mindset but freely give constructive criticism – dislikes, improvements etc.

We purchased our “Blue” from Midwestern Huskies. We are very grateful for all the information, attention, professionalism and seriousness throughout the entirety of the process. It was a wonderful experience. Today, we are happily enjoying our little one. Thank you for all the details. Daisy

“My dad and I are so blessed to have found Midwestern Huskies, who provided a couple exceptional males to us. The best way to describe our experience is that the stars happened to align at the right time. I had lost my red and white husky from surgical complications, and while there is no way to replace a family member, Svetlana was able to help guide us when looking for pups for my dad. He always wanted a husky, so when he witnessed the loss of mine, he knew it was time. The big debate was, “Do I get one or two?” Svetlana kindly let us meet “the boys”, as we call them, when they were about 4 or 5 weeks old. She welcomed us into her home, brought out Quinn and Griffin, and we spent time getting to know them. We knew right away which one would be named which and that having two was a no-brainer. My dad couldn’t possibly split “the boys” up.

At 8 weeks of age, I picked them up and we went to their new home. There was an adjustment period getting use to not one, but two pups, but they were quite the neighborhood topic. So much so, they were featured in the neighborhood magazine. They love being outside greeting neighbors as they walk their dogs, or school-aged kids walking home from school. The best is when the UPS drivers pull up. They sit calmly at the edge of the yard and watch intently on what he’ll do next. Sometimes they look like statues with their ears perked up, focusing on the world around them.

They love to wrestle with one another and sometimes try to get my dad in on the action. He’s part of the pack and they make sure he knows it. Their favorite things to do are wrestle, look for foxes in the field behind my dad’s house, go on walks, go to the dog run, and meet new people. They’re very social. They love children and show their calm side when around infants. Although they look like wolves, they have a very gentle demeanor.

One of our favorite stories was when Griffin (more submissive) decided he had enough of Quinn’s (more alpha) antics. Quinn walked into their crate and Griffin decided to shut the door on Quinn and keep his paw on it so Quinn couldn’t get out. It was so funny because it was like he knew he was picking on his brother. Then there was another time Griffin peed in Quinn’s food bowl. The two always to back and forth like true siblings do. While they can be mischievous, they are full of love and make life much more enjoyable.

I’m so glad Midwestern Huskies were here for the process. They provide a quality upbringing for the pups before being placed, are timely with responses, and extremely professional. I would highly recommend working with this wonderful family.”

We moved to Omaha about one year ago and would like to have a husky home. We found here via AKC website. The owner is very nice and was patient to answer all questions. At the beginning of July we picked up the puppy we love.

The puppy is active, playful and handsome. He grows fast. My son really enjoys playing with him. Besides, it seems the crate training is already done. He was peaceful on the first night with us. This really helps us a lot.

All in all, we love the puppy and we had a great experience with MidWestern Huskies. Thank you, Mrs. Karpov. God bless you!

Chuan Zhang

I can easily say that I highly recommend Midwestern Huskies and Svetlana for anyone interested in a top of the line Husky breeder with superior ethics and pride in what they do. I purchased a female Siberian Husky in July 2017 and the experience was extremely professional and easy. Upon emailing Svetlana my initial interest, she immediately replied with details and pictures of available puppies. Once I made my decision the communication was very prompt and professional, and I had a contract delivered within a day or two, along with all the details. Svetlana sent me pictures weekly of my new puppy before she turned 8 weeks old, and even updated me with text messages as they made the drive to CO to deliver my new Husky. She explained everything upon delivery, and provided not only a detailed Husky Guide that has proven very helpful, but even a few gifts for myself. I could not have asked for a better experience from beginning to end. If Svetlana has a puppy you want, then I suggest you buy it from Midwestern Huskies without a doubt. Not sure there is any better Husky breeder!

Mike Shores – Broomfield, CO

We had a wonderful experience with Svetlana Karpov of Midwestern Huskies. It is not a mill or a kennel. It is a family-run business that cares for and loves their dogs. The puppies are well-socialized with people and with other dogs and are well taken care of in a family environment. We adopted our Huskey puppy, Kota, in 2016 and she has been a wonderful addition to the family. Kota is so smart, easy to train, and had loads of personality. We would definitely go back to Svetlana to add another puppy to our family in the future.
Also, Svetlana offered to board our dog while we were on vacation. We brought our dog Kota and her kennel down to Svetlana before we left and Svetlana sent us updates and pictures throughout our vacation. It was wonderful to know that Kota was being so well taken care of while we were gone. It was a great experience for all of us!
Mrs. Nichole Kern

We moved to the state of Nebraska from the East Coast in 2012. That was the best decision we made in our lives. The state logo “the good life” fulfilled our expectation. We purchased a beautiful house and 20 acres of land. We had a very long discussion with our children about what animals we wanted in our family. After that our daughter surprised us with an unexpected puppy, a male pure bred Siberian husky, we didn’t even discuss them! But, this decision was perfect. We never had anything as beautiful and perfect as this puppy. We named him ‘Bandit’ and in two years he grew to be a very gorgeous dog. At one time Bandit ran away and we were very sad. But, because of AKC we were once again reunited with him! Then we realized, it was that time to find him a mate. And so, we purchased one more dog, ‘Alisa’. We didn’t expect to become breeders but because Bandit’s and Alisa’s puppies were so cute and because they gave us so much joy that we started up something we never thought of! We just wanted to make others as happy as we were. Soon we purchased another puppy. Her name is ‘Chrystal’. She definitely is something! She will do anything for treats. We taught her to rollover, play dead, stand on her hind legs, and so many more tricks! She gave us gorgeous red pups! Our Siberian Huskies give us so much joy and we want to share it with everyone else!

My husband and I found Midwestern Huskies through the AKC website. From the minute we sent an email to find out more information about the puppies, our service was great and the response was in a timely manner. We were very excited to pick out which puppy we wanted and were so happy they were being raised with wonderful caregivers. We received so many pictures of our puppy from the time we picked her out to when we could go pick her up. It was great that we received information on the genealogy of our puppy and so interesting! I highly recommend Midwestern Huskies. My husband and I will definitely do business again with them in the future!”

I am happy with the husky puppy Akela I got from you. I would recommend you to my friends and family.
Krystal Fensky

Hi Svetlana,

Just thought you’d enjoy to see a recent picture of our husky we got from you, we named her Odlo. Feel free to use the picture when updating your website. She is a fantastic dog, so sweet and pleasant, good natured around people and other dogs, and has taken so quickly to training, ever at four months. We couldn’t be happier with the husky we got from you, she is just awesome!
Dr. John Berger

Last July I purchased Memphis from Svetlana and Vladimir with Midwestern Huskies. They were very friendly and knowledgeable with the breed. I never had any problem with Memphis in terms of health or temperament. I could not have asked for a better pup!
Thank you, and I imagine I will be back soon for another!